4 thoughts on “Dïevergent5 Birthright & Equity

  • viktor

    Great great video and info!
    I want to be clean, bathe in pure water and give back to those who helped me and those who still need help, I yurn to sleep easily, not be anxious or directly scared of becoming homeless for the 5th time and just live in peace, joy and abundance 😍💐🚀

    Greetings from the kingdom of Denmark – I think I need your guidance 🙏

  • Paul Michael

    Thank you all, I’m following with excitement, do you know if anyone from Ireland has gone through the process yet?? is there any difference doing it here? Will you be putting any information up about it?
    Thanks again🙏

  • Shayla Plosko

    THIS! Is what I have been looking for, for years and probably decades. Perhaps revealing too much here, but I’ve been through hell and back several times, been through a war, lived in London for a while and now located in Australia. Have been trying for almost ten years to wake people to no avail. So thank you so much for everything that you have and continue to do! The universe has finally aligned! So true, that positivity is paramount in our search for the ultimate freedom. Namaste ❤️🙏. Shayla

  • andrew

    Thank you😁 so much info coming together here it’s great✌️❤️⭐🕉️🌴😁👊


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