3 thoughts on “Dïevergent5 – Who Invented the Birth Certificate Game?

  • Afonso Silver

    This is so good … all these years I’ve had the pieces of the puzzle but didn’t know what order that they were supposed to go in…All this was sitting in the back of my mind since I was child, My family, elders, church, would tell me this in different ways , or in different times in my life growing up , and now in this video the majority of it has given me a out line of the photo and the background “with colour” …… thanks again

  • Marshall-bruce

    What’s the process, for the BC

  • Julez

    Hi there! I’ve been watching your content online and am interested to learn more. If there are any recommended books on Rules of Equity, or books compiling related Laws and processes relating to this subject, and/ or any other foundational knowledge sources I would greatly appreciate your direction. Thank you.


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